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top-shelf dispensary
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 by Benjamin

My new favorite. Very nice blend, very potent – but so potent, that you should be quite sparing with it the first few times. The packaging is creative and dark, and It packs one hell of punch! Don’t worry though – it’s a rather relaxing and thoughtful effect, despite what the name implies.

 by Rob Moore

i have had 4 different versions of this now. the first kind got from a friend and ridiculously strong…. got it from a different website and was bunk…… got it from here 2nd now and the first time from here was really strong and from a different company. second time i got it was awesome!! i have ordered it a 3rd time now and its on its way!!!

 by Victoria jessi

Wished I had known the Facebook page of your company earlier.You would have been my weekly supply since my current company provides me with trash and craps of less potent bath salts….Lol

 by capandball1990

man does it give you quite a buzz O.O it smells fruity and taste good too…. but be careful when i hit this thing… i hit it like twice and didnt give an a a buzz off it then i gave it few secons/minutes and OH BOY did it give me a buzz XD it was soo good that i passed out too… but it was so much fun :]

 by Thomas Green

“It’s been a horrible experience for me haven lost close to 2500 bucks trying to get some party stuff online. Just happy it came through… Hope i get the discount you guys promised on the next order…..Cheers” !

 by Liam Bower

Buying herbal incense from this shop is the best decision I have made this year because I am stress-free.

 by Hampton Crain

Since we became an affiliate company with top-shelf dispensary Co. Ltd on Twitter,our markets have grown like wildfire to potential clients worldwide. Thanks for accepting our request for being a partner with you.

 by John Ricketts

I found this page on bath salts for this company through online browsing on Facebook. They’ve got all the best, top-quality, and potent bath salts you can ever think of. Thanks for coming across your service.

 by capandball1990

Bag is nice and full, no doubt of that. If any negatives its the amount of stems and sticks in the bag, also not the nicest blend, as it is a little rough on the throat. Other than that its a very nice blend, top notch as far as potency. Like a rocket ship for a good ten minutes. Always wish I had more when the sack runs out. I’m a veteran user of 4 plus years and this is some of the best on the market at this time.

 by raul

this is some awesome stuff!! rasta for real! All caution brand products are the truth! 5 stars!!

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